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Meet the New MacBook: Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard

For the last time, Apple introduced a new MacBook. This time, they decided to change the keyboard design by replacing the traditional butterfly mechanism with a “scissor mechanism.” Let’s take a closer look at what this change means for you and Apple

How the new MacBook keyboard failed

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is a powerful device, but one of its key features may be its keyboard. The new MacBook keyboard has been praised for its design and how it feels, but some users have reported that the keyboard has failed.

Some users report that the ‘ butterfly switch ‘ used in the keyboard has failed after only a few months of use. This switch is responsible for pressing down on the key to producing a response. Some users say that their keyboards have stopped working altogether and others report that keys don’t work as well as they used to. Apple has yet to release any statement about these failures, but they are likely to investigate and fix this issue if it is widespread.

The butterfly keyboard: A design that’s still evolving

The new MacBook features a butterfly keyboard, which has been described as both “elegant” and “unique.” The keyboard is made up of two layers, with the bottom layer featuring 68 individual keys that are spaced at 2.4 mm. The top layer features 18 function keys.

While the keyboard itself is novel, its design isn’t without precedent. In 2007, Samsung released the Wave Keyboard, which featured a similar design. And while some people may find the Butterfly Keyboard less than ideal, it’s likely that Apple will continue to iterate on the design in future laptops and keyboards.

The butterfly keyboard was first introduced on the MacBook in 2015 and has since become a mainstay on devices such as the new MacBook. But how does it work and what makes it so unique?

The butterfly keyboard is made up of two layers: a top layer that has keys that are arranged in a grid, and a bottom layer with function keys. The keys on the top layer are raised above the surface of the bottom layer, giving users a comfortable typing experience. This design is unique because it allows for more key travel than traditional keyboards, resulting in less fatigue for users. Additionally, the butterfly keyboard takes up minimal space on devices, making it ideal for cramped spaces or handheld use.

Despite its popularity, the butterfly keyboard is still evolving. For example, Apple recently released an updated version with enhanced lighting and reduced key noise. In addition, future updates are expected to include additional features such as gesture control and more robust customization options. So far, the butterfly keyboard has proven to be both functional and stylish. Remaining one of Apple’s most innovative design elements to date.

Apple’s reaction to the butterfly keyboards

Since its launch in 2012, MacBooks have been known for their iconic butterfly keyboard. But with the recent release of the new MacBooks, Apple has replaced the butterfly keyboard with a more traditional design. Here’s how Apple has responded to the outcry from users who were unhappy with the change:

The new MacBooks use a traditional key layout that is popular among PC keyboards. Many users were concerned that this would make typing on a laptop difficult, and they were not wrong. The old MacBook key layout was designed specifically for laptops, and it took advantage of the extra space available on a laptop screen. The new key layout is much wider than the old one, which makes it harder to type quickly.

Nevertheless, some people are still unhappy with the change. They argue that Apple should have continued to use the butterfly keyboard because it is unique and makes MacBooks stand out from other laptops. Others say that the traditional key layout is better because it is easier to type on a desktop keyboard than it is on a laptop screen. It will be interesting to see how these differences play out in future generations of MacBooks…

Apple’s solution for the Butterfly Keyboard

The new MacBook has a new keyboard that replaces the traditional “clackety” keys with butterfly mechanisms. It allow for a more responsive typing experience. The keyboard is said to be quieter and more comfortable to use, especially for longer periods of time. It also features reduced key travel, making it easier to hit the correct key without having to press too hard.

The butterfly mechanism was designed in collaboration with Apple’s Human Interface Expertise team and took over six months to develop. The final design is said to be twice as thin as the traditional keyboard and uses 75% less material. It also has twice as many sensors as the previous model, allowing it to detect when you’re pressing down on the key and register your keystrokes more accurately.

MacBook is a great improvement over its predecessors and the butterfly keyboard is one of the main reasons why.


If you’re an Apple fan and own a MacBook, then you’ll want to check out the new MacBook. It comes with a revolutionary butterfly keyboard. Not only is it easier to type on than ever before, but it also makes for a more comfortable experience overall. If you’re looking for a laptop that will let you work in comfort, the new MacBook is definitely worth considering.

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