POLARTICS: A New Platform For Young African Artists

Founded by the artist and activist Nana Oforiatta Ayim, POLARTICS is a digital platform that seeks to bridge the gap between young African artists and their global audience. A new generation of creatives, born as social media has catapulted them into existence, are looking for more than just a pat on the head from one gallery or blogger. They want to be recognized for their work on an international level.

The Recent Attacks on 21 Female Artists in Kenya

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of female artists being attacked in Kenya. The most recent attack occurred on 21 female artists who were participating in a performance art festival in Nairobi. The attackers were armed with knives and other sharp objects, and they brutally stabbed and slashed the women. This attack comes on the heels of several other attacks on female artists in Kenya, including the murder of singer-songwriter Kiki Kamanu and the rape of artist Zariya Hassan.

These attacks have sent shockwaves through the Kenyan art community, and many people are wondering why these women are being targeted. Some believe that the attackers are trying to silence these women because they are using their art to speak out against social injustice and gender inequality. Others believe that the attackers simply don’t like or appreciate art, and they see these women as easy targets.

Whatever the motivation behind these attacks, it is clear that they are having a chilling effect on the Kenyan art scene. Many female artists are now afraid to speak out or express themselves creatively for fear of being attacked. This is a tragic loss for Kenya, as these women were using their art to make important statements about society and to empower other women. We can only hope that these attacks will stop soon so that these talented artists can continue to create without fear for their safety.

How Is POLARTICS Helping to Tackle the Violence Against Women Challenge?

In many parts of the world, women and girls experience high levels of violence. This is especially true in Africa, where rates of violence against women are among the highest in the world.

The problem of violence against women is complex, and there is no easy solution. However, POLARTICS is working to address this issue by providing a platform for young African artists. It helps the artists to share their stories and create art that can raise awareness about this important issue.

POLARTICS is an online community that provides a space for young African artists to showcase their work. Also, connect with other artists, and learn about opportunities in the creative industries. The platform also features articles and resources on topics related to art and culture.

POLARTICS is to help young Africans use their voices and creativity to tackle social issues like violence against women. Through its platform, POLARTICS is amplifying the voices of young artists who are using their art to spread awareness about this important issue.

In addition to raising awareness, POLARTICS is also working to provide opportunities for young Africans who want to use their creativity to make a difference. The platform offers a space for artists to showcase their work, but it also provides access to opportunities like grants, residencies, and commissions. By connecting young artists with these opportunities, POLARTICS

How Are We Breaking the Stigma

In recent years, the African continent has become increasingly connected and its people more vocal than ever before. This is due in part to the rise of social media and the proliferation of mobile devices. As a result, a new generation of African artists is emerging and making their voices heard.

However, despite this progress, there remains a large stigma attached to being an artist from Africa. This is often perpetuated by outdated stereotypes and misconceptions about the continent.

At Polartics, we are committed to breaking down these barriers and showcasing the talent of young African artists to the world. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they come from.

Through our online platform, we are giving African artists a global stage to showcase their work and tell their stories. We are also working with established African artists to mentor and support the next generation of talent.

By breaking down the barriers that have traditionally prevented African artists from succeeding. We hope to create a more inclusive and diverse art scene that celebrates the talent of all continents.

Why Does POLARTICS Promote Self-Publishing As the Best Way for Young African Artists to Reach a Global Audience?

POLARTICS promotes self-publishing as the best way for young African artists to reach a global audience. First and foremost, self-publishing gives artists complete control over their work. They can determine when and how their work is released. They can reach a much wider audience than if they were to go through a traditional publisher.

Second, self-publishing is much more cost-effective than traditional publishing. Artists can save thousands of dollars by not having to pay for printing, distribution, or marketing costs.

Third, self-publishing allows artists to build a direct relationship with their fans. They can interact with them directly on social media, and they can get feedback on their work immediately. This is invaluable for developing a career in the music industry.

Fourth, self-publishing gives artists the opportunity to get their music heard by key industry professionals.

What are the Benefits for Young African Artists?

There are many benefits for young African artists who use POLARTICS. First, they can gain exposure to their work. Second, they can connect with other artists from all over Africa. Third, they can learn from each other and share ideas. Fourth, they can get feedback on their work from the Polartics community. Fifth, they can sell their work and make money from their art.

What are the Future Plans for POLARTICS?

The future plans for POLARTICS are to continue to provide a platform for young African artists to showcase their work and connect with fans and followers. In addition, we hope to expand our reach by partnering with more African countries and cultural institutions. We also plan to continue our commitment to education and outreach by offering workshops and resources for young people interested in learning more about the arts.

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